Professional Cooking Classes


Professional Cooking Classes

Master the art of mouth-watering food with our professional cooking classes

You don’t need to wonder how your favourite chefs do it anymore because we are bringing you all the tricks and secrets of becoming a chef yourself and cooking mouth-watering recipes with our professional cooking classes. These are not the usual cooking classes but comprehensive chef training sessions that can actually land you a rewarding and beneficial career. We are offering full time and part time cooking classes to be as flexible as we can according your schedule. We consider this a perfect starting point for the newbies and a perfect skill enhancing point for people already working in the culinary industry. Learning is a lifelong process and to stay up to date with the new cooking techniques and new cuisines, one needs to keep on learning the new ways that the world has to offer.


Professional cooking classes we offer

We have cooking classes for foodies, cooking classes for people who are serious in making a career out of it; basically something for everyone.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

Becoming a ship’s cook is a lifetime experience and always remember the excitement and fun that comes with it while traveling and discovering the secrets of the sea with our ship’s cook certificate assessment.

Food Safety Level 2 Award

Food safety and food hygiene are a gigantic part of the culinary industry. Food gets contaminated quite easily and its safety can be quite tricky. Food safety course is mandatory for everyone who is working in the culinary industry and is in direct contact with preparing food commercially.

Professional Culinary Diploma

Maybe you are looking to make a career as a chef or maybe you are working as an assistant chef but want to enhance your skills by learning the hidden tricks. Our professional culinary diploma is worth the value for money because it can get you a job of your dreams quite easily.

Employment options & Career opportunities

The food industry has never seized to grow, in fact with each passing year there are hundreds of new food points, restaurants and markets that open to cater the needs of the growing population. With our professional cooking classes, you will have a chance at starting your own business. Whether you want to be a chef or a manager, it is up to you because the skills that you will learn through our cooking classes will fit both the roles perfectly.
The initial income of a person working in the culinary industry in roles like assistant or junior chef is £30,000 per annum which is quite good for a starting income.