Personal Fitness Trainer Courses


Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

Train to become an inspiring personal fitness trainer

Congratulations if you have made the decision of becoming a personal fitness trainer through our personal fitness trainer courses that are elaborated by none other than the best. Take away the idea of personal fitness trainer courses being a gym class room where you will be working out to know how you are going to train your clients because we believe in teaching through theory and practice and experimentation. Enrolling in personal fitness trainer courses will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the new equipment used in the fitness industry and the secrets of growing your clientele.


What areas do we cover in our personal fitness trainer courses?

From setting up your own personal fitness trainer business from home to having a positive and motivational influence on your clients, we cover everything in our personal fitness trainer courses.

Metabolic conditioning training workshop course

In our metabolic conditioning training we cover aspects like functional training and injury management, how to interact with health professionals to develop fitness training and how to give nutritional advice to your clients and much more.

Personal fitness trainer instructor course

Not only do we enhance your training skills in our personal fitness trainer instructor course but we also tell you how to market your fitness business to increase your clientele so you can make more profits.

Gym based boxing workshop

Our gym based boxing workshop is a complete course for training athletes and getting them to a winning level.

Studio cycling workshop

Take up on the best and most popular approach of fitness training in the country right now with our studio cycling workshop. Learn ways to train through cycling for improving posture and health.

Exercise to music instructor course

Talk about zumba, dance or any relevant method of staying in shape we train you for it in our exercise to music instructor course that is an exciting and fun experience.

Level 3 personal training diploma

Already working as a personal trainer? Enhance your skills through our level 3 personal training diploma to get promoted in your job and to start your own business.

Employment Opportunities

Do you know that being in the fitness industry can land you a job where you can make up to £30,000 per annum? These figures increase with your experience and skill as time passes.